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EnPro Services

EnPro Services & EnPro Elevator are Licensed General, Electrical, and Elevator Contractors serving California and Nevada. EnPro is comprised of multiple Divisions with expertise in Electrical, Elevator Service, and Modernization, Fire Systems, LED Lighting, Battery, and Generation Systems.

Our Services

EnPro Services

Each of EnPro Services highly trained Divisions have been carefully created to compliment the other existing components of the Company. With each new Division EnPro Services takes another stride ahead of their competition while standing out as the powerhouse of the industry today.

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EnPro Fire

EnPro Fire is a leader in securing facilities from fire-related accidents. EnPro has years of experience with fire code and utilizes this to compliment primary divisions. Enpro Fire exists to increase the rate of productivity and decrease overall cost. Enpro is proud to offer this service as a clear benift to our partners, as the majority of companies would have to outsource this service in order to finalize most contracts. Enpro Services Fire division operates throughout California in Sacramento, Roseville, Los Angeles, Reno, and Las Vegas.

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EnPro Elevator

EnPro Elevator is a leader in design, installation, maintenance, service and modernization. With a focus on Industrial and Commercial elevators for all types of facilities. The Elevator division is home to some of the most experienced professionals in the industry today. Enpro Elevator Has a portfolio of completed and running projects. Current Elevator Service Sacramento, Elevator Service Las Vegas, Elevator Service Los Angeles, Elevator Service Roseville. Enpro Elevator has current construction projects including , Elevator repair Sacramento, Elevator Repair Las Vegas, Elevator repair Reno and Elevator repairs throughout the States California and Nevada.

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EnPro Systems

The Systems division of EnPro is responsible for HVAC, Solar, and a multitude of other automated systems. Enpro Systems operates throughout Sacramento, Reno, Las Vegas, Bay Area, and Los Angels areas.


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EnPro Lighting

EnPro Lighting collaborates with our other divisions, working closely with our Electric and Solar teams, helping to reduce our carbon footprint throughout the projects we are involved in. Enpro Lighting has been involved in countless jobs throughout the States of California and Nevada. With completed and current jobs in Sacramento Construction, Roseville construction, Las Vegas construction, and Reno construction projects, as well as throughout the States of California and Nevada with expansions coming soon!

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EnPro Electrical

EnPro Electrical serves as the companies longest standing division. We are proud to have solidified our place in the Elite group of Electrical Engineers. Our portfolio serves as a representation of the expertise and dedication brought to every project EnPro has been involved in. Enpro Electric and Services operates throughout California in Sacramento, Roseville, Los Angeles, Reno, and Las Vegas.

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