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We like to do things right the first time, another reason we have the divisions of services that we do under one roof!


Enpro Services is comprised of some of the Industry best in their field of expertise. We are driven to be the best with knowledge, service, training, and performance.


EnPro Services is a California general energy and electrical contractor. Some of our areas include, San Diego, Riverside, Los Angeles, Fresno, San Francisco, and Temecula. We help businesses with energy reduction, energy efficiency, energy management, energy maintenance, energy monitoring, solar panels and installation, LED for office, lighting for industrial warehouse, exterior lighting and controls, electrical onsite generation, as well as electrical contractor and maintenance supplies. When you need energy management or electrical supplies, call EnPro Services at 916-389-0823.


To create divisions of complimenting professional services under one roof to minimize the need for outsourcing. Creating a more efficient time line for job completion and allowing the best value concerning job costs. EnPro Services has a major focus on
Electrical, Engineering, Elevator, Fire, Systems, and Lighting.

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